• Metallic constructions
    M.M. Ferro s.r.l.
Each project starts from an inspection to analyze the spaces and following a design agreed with the customer
We only use excellent quality materials to create products with excellent durability and fine aesthetic finishes
We directly follow all phases of the project: analysis, design, creation and implementation of the finished product at the customer's site

Who we are

The M.M. company FERRO COSTRUZIONI METALLICHE is specialized in work in the metal carpentry sector, particularly in iron and stainless steel for third parties.

We guarantee all-round services, from the design of structures and items tailored to your wishes, to the installation of the finished product, to maintenance.

Our interventions range from light carpentry constructions to heavy carpentry constructions, addressing both private individuals for domestic work and third-party companies and industrial entities.

In Bariano (ITALY), your trusted company for custom-made metal carpentry works!

Made of iron and steel

Our company has always obtained recognition from customers for the quality of our work and our metal carpentry creations. In fact, we operate with passion for our work and the utmost interest in changes in the sector, always managing to guarantee a service aimed entirely at satisfying the customer's interests.

We offer different types of metal carpentry creations, both heavy and light, including:

  • scaffolding for construction;
  • industrial sheds;
  • armored doors;
  • gates, railings, security grates, railings;
  • canopies, spiral staircases, mezzanines;
  • gazebo.

Finally, we are also available for small welding jobs and guarantee convenient emergency locksmith services and maintenance assistance.

Artisanal design

We are a company that operates with great professionalism, experience and with the utmost respect for the customer, which pays particular attention to offering a particularly personalized metal carpentry service.

Each of our projects starts from an inspection to analyze the nature of the spaces and following a design agreed with you in every detail we carefully create the article in our laboratory.

Here, we have the latest generation equipment and use only excellent quality materials to create a finished job with excellent durability and fine aesthetic finishes.

We guarantee free, no-obligation estimates for each of our projects. Do not hesitate to contact our staff for detailed requests and questions of various kinds.


Civil carpentry

Civil light carpentry iron works by their nature require certain characteristics: being aesthetically pleasing and being able to last over time. For these interventions we consult the customer step by step in the design, guaranteeing a finished product of excellent quality. Among our creations: stairs, balconies, shutters, windows, railings, gates, stairs and parapets.

Industrial carpentry

Industrial carpentry involves iron work that can be particularly resistant and highly efficient. We offer the customer specialized technical consultancy for the industrial sector, proposing iron work carried out with the latest generation machinery and we propose interventions of various nature and complexity.


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